A Night So Bright!

I Have Never Seen A Brighter Night!

My Days Were Dull And Skies Were Grey.

But, Stars Are Burning Brighter Than The Sun Tonight!

And My Eyes Of Stone Have Begun To Say!


put wngs

You Put Wings To My Heavy Heart,

And All My Dreams Again Took A Flight.

My Life Has Taken A Brand New Start,

Torn Out The Pages Of Misery And Plight!


I’m Taking Baby Steps To A Brighter World,

But, I Still Fear To Be Lost In The Middle.

My Eyes, Stuck At You, Can’t See Life’s Twists And Twirl,

For I Know, It’s Easy With Your Every Kiss And Cuddle.



How Far We’ll Walk Together Hand In Hand?

it May Be Miles Or Who Knows What!

I Promise To Love You Even If I’m Scattered Like Sand,

Believe Me, You Will Stay Safe Forever In My Heart!


Walls That Surround Me….

I’ve Run Away, Is That All You Could See?


Can’t You See The Walls That  Surround Me?

losing battle

They’re Huge Like Hill And


Strong Like Bull,


I Give In To This Life So Painful!


No one Could Ever See Them, Not Even You,

I Fought, I Screamed, I Cried For A Life All New.


My Pleas Were Never Heard And I Kept Thinking Why!


A Voice Roared In My Ears, ” Not Until You Tried!”


I Tried, Rose up And Fought Back Harder,

And Now My Winning Spirit Makes Me Wonder!


Those Invisible And Daunting Walls Have Shattered,


Like Broken Glass, All Over They’ve Scattered.


And Hey! Again Something Very Strong Surrounds Me!

Those Are Nothing But Strong Arms Of Thee.


You’ve Blessed Me This Winning Streak,

I Made A Choice And Remained No More Weak.

It’s Just About Making A Choice,

Turns Odds In Favor and In Moments Of Rejoice.


This Irony Life Is  All About!

Eliminating The Doubts And Acting Out.





Welcoming the End…

Oh Yes! It All Has To End One Fine Day.


It’s Scary And Undesirable As They Say!


Scary? Undesirable? Really?

Then Why Do I Wait For It So Badly?


Life Is  Beautiful Yet Death Is  A Pleasure,


That Permanent Resting Place Is Such A Treasure!


I’d Never Give Up Until It’s That!


Life Is  Good Yet I Want To Fall Flat!

pleasure of Death

I Don’t Know How It Will Come To Me!

Could Be Scary, Could Be Bad, Could Be Easy!


No Matter What The Destiny Holds,

I’m Ready To Be Engulfed In It’s Mysterious Folds.

Having A Sip Of Life!

Sitting In A Closed Room Tonight,                                        distorted images

I Dare To Look Far Beyond The Skies.

What A Beauty! What A Sight!

How Could I Be So Blind! So Disguised.


Until Tonight, I Saw Scars Everywhere,

Distorted Images Were All I Could See.

No one To Please, No one To Care,

I Felt Abandoned And So Lonely.


What’s So Special In This Moment?

Why Do I Dare So Much Today?

Mind Is Still And Body Is Dormant,

Soul Is Set Free And I Feel Okay!


I Can Feel The Aura Of His Presence,                                  holding hands

The Space Between My Fingers Are All Filled.

I Was So Overwhelmed By His Silence,

But Now I’m Thankful For The Wisdom So Distilled!


He Blessed Me With Dark And Gloomy Days,

Yes Those Days Were Too Difficult.

But That’s The Path To Him, He Says,

Whoever Walks The Path Is Never Left Crippled!


Have Faith And It Will Come To You,

The Going Maybe Tough But It’s Worthwhile.

You will See Your Transformed Self- All New!

But Have Patience Until It’s Your Time!


Now, I’m Having A Sip Of Life!

And It Never Tasted So Good!

Today I Feel I’m Alive,

Without Him By My Side, I Never Could!










“Surrounded by People, they stand Alone!”

Their Days Were Bright,warrior2

Their Lives enlightened.

They Had Nothing To Fight,

Nothing To Be Frightened.

They Had Peers All Around,

Willing To Stand To All The Tests Of Time.

“Promise We’ll Keep You Safe And Sound”,

“Together Hills And Mountains We’ll Climb”.

Their Togetherness Was Forever,

It Was Not Meant To Die.

Their Friendship Will Never Be Over,

No Matter How Hard The Circumstances Try.

Poor People They Were,

Not Aware Of The Irony Of Life.

No Matter How Much Shield You Wear,victory

A Warrior Has To Fight Alone To Stay Alive.

It’s Always Lonely At The Top,

All Pretensions Finally Come To An End.

All So Called Friendships Stop,

Hypocrites Can No More Even Pretend.

Their True Colors Come To The Surface,

Either Get Rid Or Get Stabbed.

They Won’t Tell It To Your Face,

Their Tendency Is To Hit At The Back.

Cowards Walk With False Strength Of The Crowd,

Surrounded By People, They Stand Alone.

Warriors Manipulate The Manipulators And Walk Out Proud,

Once The Hypocrites Have Served Them, Away They Are Thrown!

At Least Once In A Lifetime…..

At Least Once In A Lifetime….Make A Promise,

A Promise To Never Depart.parting hands

No Matter How Long Is The Distance,

Stake Your Breath For Every Beat Of My Heart.

I’ll Believe Even Your Lies,

But Say It At Least Once In A Lifetime!

I’ll Worship You No Matter What,

You’ll Stay Forever In My Heart.

Even Your Hatred Pleases Me,

Your Momentary Presence Has Set My Soul Free.

Let Me Die For You….Give Me This Honor,

Let Me Shed The Last Drop In Your Favor.

I Hope My Dreams Come True At Least Once In A Lifetime!

Woman with Bible




Beyond The Horizon….

The World Can’t But I Can Feel,

There’s Happening Something Transcendental.

In The Universe Outer And Inner,

At Somewhere Beyond The Horizon.

Either It’s Too Far Away Or Too Close,

It’s An End Or Just A Start….Who Knows!

Call It An End- There Will Rise A Storm,

Call It A Start- And The World Will Transform!

Today’s Darkness Is An Illusion,

For The Sun Is Rising Beyond The Horizon!

Still Waves Don’t Always Mean Silence Within,

And This Oppositeness The World Has Seen.

Body In Rags But The Head Held High,

Such Minds Indifferent To Every Hue And Cry.

Try Not To Impede The “Already” Risen,

If Not “On”, Then Surely “Beyond” The Horizon!

On The Surface, The Light Has Come ,

Shocked And Overwhelmed- “They” Are Numb!

What A Stunning Spectacle It Is!

The Outer Reality Being Congruent With The Inner Voice.

Universes Have United And Voices Are One,

The Sun Has Finally  Come “On” The Horizon.